#1 Social Media Calendar Tool!

Hello there. My name is Beatrice Edwards, founder of TWS Social Dashboard – Social media calendar tool and CEO of The Web Silo.

My goal is to provide a tool that people will love to use—one that’s simple, responsive, and makes your life easier. The only thing I love more than this Social Planner is our customers. That’s why myself and my team are here to provide support to you 24/7.

We’re are here to make a positive impact in getting businesses social by providing tutorials and tips on how to grow your business using social media. We’d love it if you joined us as partners in this journey.

With our social media calendar tool, you can schedule your message to your connected social networks. Choose a suitable time and date in the future –easily view, edit and schedule your messages from the calendar overview. Only want to see messages for one social account or for a specific date range? Not a problem, click “Filter" and adjust the options to your requirements.

TWS Social Dashboard can turn you into a great social media strategist just like that.  Need help with post ideas for your calendar? Check our blog for free resources. Ready to go!  Start planning now!


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