Social Planner

Only want to see messages for one social account or for a specific date range? Not a problem, click "Filter".

Create Stunning Images

Our Image Creator will allow you to make any of your snapshots look highly professional, before posting to your social media accounts.

Stats at your fingertips

The stats overview page gives you a brief snapshot of the traffic (visitors) to your website from your social media campaign. For more in-depth stats, click here.

Evergreen content

We spotlight your most successful content on your dashboard along with number of click per platform share.

Message Research

This is one of the most powerful features of our platform. Search for current news about your industry, trending social content and relevant videos.

Language Translation

With our platform you can use one of six languages you are comfortable with. Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish.

Hashtag Research

Save hours finding the best hashtags to get you the most exposure with our powerful hashtag research tool.

Social Streams

It's easy to view and respond to post messages on all your Twitter and Facebook timelines directly. A real time saver.

Social Training

Not sure where to start? Our tutorials give you a great insight on how to make the most of your Social Dashboard.