This is a simple guide on how to set up your twitter account. A Micro-blogging tool where you can share your opinion, links, views in 140 character. With the 45th President, Donald Trump very active on Twitter, there is a huge user base waiting for your business and it is also the 2nd most popular Social networking site after Facebook.

How to set up your Twitter account:

  1. Go to and find the sign up box, or go directly to
  2. Enter your full name, phone number, and a password.
  3. Click Sign up for Twitter.
  4. In order to verify your phone number, we will send you an SMS text message with a code. Enter the verification code in the box provided.
  5. Follow the instructions for creating your account.

Create Twitter Account

First steps after you’ve created your account:

After signing up, follow a handful of accounts to create a customized stream of information on your home timeline. Following means you’ll get that user’s Tweets on your Twitter home timeline. You can unfollow anyone at any time. Find out how to follow news sources, friends, and more in our Finding people on Twitter article.

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