There are simple ways to build your social media following on a budget especially as a startup business or a small business owner. Your marketing budget is minimal most times and can create some challenges – like building your social media following. Check out our best practices below on how to build a social media following on a budget.

First step – create an eye catching social brand page on all platforms. Next, take some time to build your social media presence and update them regularly. It is important to keep an active profile that is engaging and expresses the message you want to send to your audience. Don’t think you can handle the upkeep? Hire a social media manager to help or a virtual assistant, they make the process amazingly seamless for you.

These Basic 5 Steps Are A Must for All Business Owners Going Social

  • Include a link to follow or like, your social media accounts within your email and on your website.
  • Include your social media information on your business cards.
  • If you have physical stores, add the information to all in-store signage.
  • Be sure to promote your social profiles to your email list when sending out your newsletter.
  • Sending out friend invites to family/friends to like your page is an excellent way to start building a following.

There are 4 widely used social media platforms to reach out to your potential audience. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  Don’t spread yourself too thin and focus on at least 2 social media platforms to reach your audience.  Below we have 5 steps for each social media account with simple ways to build your social media following on a budget.

Building Your Facebook Following

Building a following on Facebook isn’t as tough as it may seem, because Facebook offers you features and tools to do just that.

  • Use the boost option – spending even $2 can dramatically boost the reach of your posts.
  • Share a video. A BuzzSumo study found that “videos now gain twice the level of engagement of other post formats on average”
  • Share behind-the-scenes of an event, your work processes, or your office using Facebook live.
  • Asking questions is a good way to offer our followers a chance to share their thoughts.
  • Run “page like” ads using a compelling cover photo image. You can specify whatever budget you have to spend, and even a limited budget can grow your fans slowly and steadily.
  • How to set up your Facebook Business Page





The Web Silo Tip: NEVER buy “likes” from services that claim to be able to get you “500-5,000 likes in just a few days!” These companies use bots to create multiple automated accounts and they are not potential customers. Having them in your following will interfere with your analytics/stats when you promote a post to people who like your page and their friends.

Building Your Twitter Following

  • Pay to promote your profile for a while. The minimum to start with Twitter is $50.
  • If you run them, target your Twitter ads to make sure you reach the most relevant.
  • Use hashtags to reach your target.
  • Always remember to tag, retweet and reply.
  • Stay engaged with influencers. Retweeting their posts multiple times will get you noticed, engage them in direct conversation or help them out if there’s something that they need.

How to set up your Twitter account




Building Your Instagram Following

Instagram, provides its own unique challenges when building a following.

  • Use at least 11 and at most 30 hashtags. BufferApp study showed that engagement went up after the use of 11 hashtags.
  • Take time out of every day to interact with random people’s accounts within your target niche.
  • Hold contests where people must like, follow, comment or tag someone to enter.
  • Take advantage of the “suggested friends” tool to find people who might enjoy your account and follow your business.
  • Keep your business account public because if people can’t see your profile, they’re not likely to follow you.

Building Your Pinterest Following

If your target audience matches the Pinterest demographic (namely, female), then building a Pinterest following is probably not optional. Not sure where to start? Pinterest Coach and Expert Angel Lawery, will optimize your Pinterest account.

  • Pin consistently and frequently – Some experts recommend pinning as much as 15 times a day, but if you’re a small business, it’s better to pick a lower number and stay consistent than to do higher numbers intermittently.
  • Write keyword-rich descriptions for your business pins and boards.
  • Include relevant keywords in your pins so that you get SEO benefits that make it easier to find you.
  • Create niche boards for a more specialized feel that will ring true with people who are very passionate about what you have to offer. Most importantly, keep these boards active and up to date.
  • Consider promoting your pins, it will help you connect with new followers.

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